About Us


The Vision

    Dave Eagle, founder of Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese Company, had a vision to serve the finest, hand-crafted pizza in the State of Texas.  This vision became a reality when Dave opened Texas Flatbread House in Lipan, Texas.


The Road to the Vision

Dave knew he wanted a traditional wood-fired oven to further his vision of offering wood-fired cooking at its best.  In this regard, Dave Eagle found the one and only best handcrafted wood-fired oven builder in Texas -- Dave Eberhardt of Texas Oven Company.


The Vision Realized

With the Vision and the Oven, the only element left to bring a dream to reality was the right approach to the  presentation of classical wood-fired food.  This approach was brought to bear by the wood-fired expertise of Gino Gabriel, one of the finest wood-fired chefs in the country.